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Major Agricultural Competition Exams such as ICAR JRF, SRF, NET, SAU CET, BHU, IBPS AFO etc. Also, these questions are important for the non-agricultural competition exams.

Topics of the post

  • Introduction to animal husbandry.
  • Indian species of goat, sheep, cattle and buffalo.
  • Foreign species of goat, sheep, cattle and buffalo.
  • Fodder for farm animals.
  • Diseases and their management.
  • Major institutes in India.
  • Major projects in India.
  • And, other important topics.

Animal Husbandry MCQ

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Question 01. The best crop for the preparation of silage is..?

(a). Barley.
(b). Oat.
(c). Jwar.
(d). Maize.

Question 02. Milk is deficient in …. element?

(a). Protien.
(b). Iron.
(c). Lactose.
(d). Fat.

Question 03. In India wool production is maximum in..?

(a). Ladakh.
(b). J & K.
(c). Rajasthan.
(d). Gujarat.

Question 04. …. is the leading exporter of skimmed milk?

(a). India.
(b). USA.
(c). China.
(d). Argentina.

Question 05. Cobalamin is a …. factor?

(a). Fat.
(b). Protein.
(c). Carbohydrates.
(d). Vitamin.

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Question 06. The boiling point of milk is..?

(a). 97 °C.
(b). 101 °C.
(c). 100.17 °C.
(d). 101.16 °C.

Question 07. Group of sheep is known as..?

(a). Flock.
(b). Herd.
(c). Trip.
(d). Drove.

Question 08. The heifer calf is..?

(a). Young females of cattle.
(b). Young females of buffalo.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 09. The body temperature and the pulse rate of cow are …. °C and …. per minute?

(a). 37.5, 40-45.
(b). 39.5, 45-50.
(c). 36.5, 50-55.
(d). 38.5, 45-55.

Question 10. The gestation period of goat is …. days?

(a). 150.
(b). 190.
(c). 110.
(d). 140.

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Question 11. The gestation period is highest in..?

(a). Camel.
(b). Sow.
(c). Buffalo.
(d). Cattle.

Question 12. The milk of …. contains higher percentage of fat than others?

(a). Cow.
(b). Buffalo.
(c). Sheep.
(d). Goat.

Question 13. The milk of …. contains higher percentage of protein than others?

(a). Cow.
(b). Buffalo.
(c). Goat.
(d). Sheep.

Question 14. Which breed of cattle is also known as Lola?

(a). Gir.
(b). Sindhi.
(c). Sahiwal.
(d). Rathi

Question 15. Which is a dual purpose breed of cattle?

(a). Rathi.
(b). Mewati.
(c). Tharparkar.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 16. The native place of Jersey is..?

(a). Netherlands.
(b). Poland.
(c). France.
(d). England.

It is originated from Jersey.

See location of Jersey on Google Map

Question 17. Karan Fries is the cross between..?

(a). Tharparkar (cow) × H. Friesian.
(b). Sahiwal (cow) × Brown Swiss.
(c). Holstein × Sahiwal.
(d). Gir × Brown Swiss.

Question 18. Bhadawari is known for..?

(a). Highest fat %.
(b). Ploughing work.
(c). Richest source of protien.
(d). Sweetest milk.

Question 19. Sickle shape horn is the Characteristic feature of..?

(a). Zaffrabadi.
(b). Surati.
(c). Murrah.
(d). Toda.

Question 20. Which is known as cattle plague?

(a). Mastitis.
(b). Foot and mouth disease.
(c). Rinderpest.
(d). Anthrax.

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Question 21. Which is the cattle disease common to humans?

(a). Mastitis.
(b). Foot and mouth disease.
(c). Rinderpest.
(d). Anthrax.

Question 22. The fine quality wool Loei is obtained from..?

(a). Gaddi.
(b). Bhakarwal.
(c). Mandya.
(d). Deccani.

Question 23. …. gives the world’s finest wool?

(a). Pashmina.
(b). Nellore.
(c). Lohi.
(d). Merino.

Question 24. …. is known as the queen of milk?

(a). Saanen.
(b). Angora.
(c). Alpine.
(d). Nubian.

Question 25. The blue tongue is a …. disease of cattle?

(a). Baterial.
(b). Fungal.
(c). Viral.
(d). Nutritional disorder.

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Question 26. Which is not a right or good method of age judging of cattle?

(a). Records of dairy farm.
(b). Rings of horn.
(c). Hoofs of cattle.
(d). None of the above.

Question 27. First ring on cattle-horne is formed in..?

(a). 2 years.
(b). 3 years.
(c). 1 year.
(d). 4 years.

Question 28. Which is a right or proper method of age judging of cattle?

(a). Records of dairy farm.
(b). Rings of horn.
(c). Hoofs of cattle.
(d). Teeth.

Question 29. In case of …. subcutaneously injection is given?

(a). FMD.
(b). HS.
(c). RD.
(d). All of the above.

Question 30. What is the shape of animal shoeing?

(a). V.
(b). W.
(c). C.
(d). S.

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Question 31. Which is a method of marking of animal?

(a). Tagging.
(b). Branding.
(c). Tattooing.
(d). All of the above.

Question 32. Tagging is a useful method of marking in..?

(a). Goat and sheep.
(b). Cattle.
(c). Buffalo.
(d). All of the above.

Question 33. There is a chance of tympanites in cattle, if

(a). Cattle eat more amount of rice grains.
(b). They eat more amount of green fodder.
(c). Cattle eat contaminated fodder.
(d). All of the above.

Question 34. Jwar as green fodder contains …. to …. % protein?

(a). 4, 5.
(b). 5, 8.
(c). 3, 4.
(d). 8, 10.

Question 35. N. B.-13 and N. B.- 17 are the variety of..?

(a). Gwar.
(b). Jwar.
(c). Bajra.
(d). Maize.

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