Determinate, Semi-determinate and Determinate Varieties of Tomatoes and Their Features

Main Article: Determinate, Semi-determinate and Indeterminate Varieties of Tomatoes In this post will know about varieties of tomato having the Determinate, Semi-determinate and the Indeterminate growth habit. Index S. No. Heading(s) 1. Tomato: General Information 2. Determinate Varieties of Tomato 3. Semi-determinate Varieties of Tomato 4. Indeterminate Varieties of Tomato 5. Other Facts 1. Tomato:…

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Chromosome Numbers (2n) of Different Fruit Plants

Chromosome Numbers (2n) of Different Fruit Plants In this post, “Chromosome Numbers (2n) of Different Fruit Plants“, we will know about the chromosome numbers or 2n numbers of some important fruit plants of India. Chromosome Chromosome is a threaded (thread like) structure. These are found inside the nucleus of plant cells. Chromosome Number Chromosome number…

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GM Potato Varieties (Cultivars)

GM POTATO is genetically modified species/cultivar of potato. The technology used behind it, is known as “Genetic Engineering”. It is a technology used to modify the genomic(gene) sequence in a plant. The technology is applied in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering. In this post we will know about the GM Potato and…

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