Cumulus Cloud Identification

Meaning of Cumulus

Cumulus = A heap.

A type of thick white cloud

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What is Cumulus?

Cumulus is a low altitude or low level cloud which is known for producing little or no rain.

How to identify a cumulus cloud?

You can identify it easily

  • Can be seen during any season.
  • It will appear as a heap of cotton.
  • It will not produce any rain.
  • It will cover a small portion of sky as a single appearance (see in image 01).

What are the major characteristics of a Cumulus Cloud?

The characteristics f a cumulus clouds are as follows:

  • It is a white cloud.
  • The cloud is fuzzy.
  • It appears in low level.
  • Little shower or no rains.
  • It doesn’t produce thunderstorm of hailstorm.
  • A vertical cumulus cloud is transition between cumulus and cumulonimbus (see in image 02).

Which is the cloud similar to cumulus?

Cumulus congestus cloud (image 02) is similar to cumulus. Although it is a vertical cloud, and also it is a transition between cumulus and cumulonimbus.

How these clouds are formed?

The formation of the these clouds is very simple.

  • Evaporation.
  • Convection.

Water evaporates > Vapor travels to upward > water condensing occurs > gathering of clouds may produce rain.

What is the importance of Cumulus Clouds?

There is no significant importance of cumulus cloud from the view of agriculture.

Although, it is one of the very beautiful cloud to watch when their is a blue sky.

What are other low level clouds?

Cumulus is a low level cloud, the other low level clouds are as follows:

Can we see this cloud during winter months?

Yes, it can be seen in all seasons.

How cumulus forms, vertically or horizontally?

Single or cluster.

What is the altitude of Cumulus Clouds?

The altitude of Cumulus is 200 to 2000 m.

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