General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions 01 (Unsolved)



  1. “Systematic development of agriculture” was started by the work of

a. Mendel
b. Humphray Davy
c. Liebig
d. Helmont

  1. First method of sowing of ancient people was

a. Drilling
b. Dibbling
c. Broadcasting
d. Transplanting

  1. Experiments pertaining to plant nutrition in a systematic way was initiated by

a. Van Helmont
b. Jetrro Tull
c. Arthur Young
d. Liebig

  1. 99% of total atmospheric mass is within

a. 10km
b. 20km
c. 30km

  1. Weight (%) of CO2 of atmosphere

a. 0.033
b. 0.93
c. 0.045
d. 0.3

  1. Most of the water vapour content of the atmosphere is derived from

a. Evaporation
b. Transpiration
c. Both a & b
d. None

  1. With increasing height in Tropopause the temperature

a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Remain same
d. Variable

  1. PAR of global radiation
    a. 0.41
    b. 0.65
    c. 0.50
    d. 0.56
  2. Fastest process of heat transfer

b. Conduction
c. Radiation
d. None

  1. Heat transfer in soil is mainly through

a. Convention
b. Conduction
c. Radiation
d. All

  1. Weight of water sample including water vapour 5 kg & wt. of water vapour is 0.02 kg. What will be The specific humidity?

a. 5g/kg
b. 4g/kg
c. 20g/kg
d. None.

  1. Portable Evaporimeter was developed from

a. India
b. Israel
c. Iran
d. USA

  1. Cloud nearest to earth surface

a. Cirro-stratus
b. Cirrus
c. Stratus
d. Alto stratus

  1. Rain-bearing winds of S-W monsoon blow at a speed of

a. 10km/hr
b. 20km/hr
c. 30km/hr
d. 40 km/hr

  1. N-E monsoon starts/rains/ occurs in the month of

a. Sep – Nov
b. Oct – Nov
c. Oct – Dec
d. Nov – Dec

  1. Average speed of cyclone is about

a. 15 kmph
b.16 kmph
c. 17 kmph
d. 18 kmph

  1. Synoptic methods involve detailed analysis of current weather report from a

a. Small area
b. Large area
c. Medium area
d. All

  1. Agroclimatic zones of India are

a. 15
b. 14
c. 20
d. 21

  1. Chlorophyll formation is promoted by light radiation in the range of

a. 0.3-0.40 µm
b. 0.4-0.5 µm
c. 0.3-0.338
d.0.4-0.7 µm

  1. Qualitative long day plant is

a. Rice
b. Wheat
c. Maize
d. Sorghum

  1. Most frequently, – non-structural carbohydrates in plants

a. Sucrose
b. Fructose
c. Glucose
d. all

  1. Optimum temperature for cool season crops

a. 20-25°C.
b. 25-30°C.
c. 30-35°C.
d. 30-38°C.

  1. Example of CAM plants

a. Sisal.
b. Onion.
c. Ginger.
d. All.

  1. Roots penetrate to greatest depth
    a. Nodal
    b. Adventitious
    c. Both a & b
    d. Seminal
  2. Germination type of Pegion pea

a. Hypogeal
b. Epigeal
c. Both a & b
d. None

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