GM POTATO is genetically modified species/cultivar of potato. The technology used behind it, is known as “Genetic Engineering”. It is a technology used to modify the genomic(gene) sequence in a plant. The technology is applied in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering.

In this post we will know about the GM Potato and its Varieties .

General Info.: GM Potato

TypeGenetically Modified Potato
UsesResearch and Food Industries
Tech. UsedGenetic engineering
Related FieldPlant Breeding


2. Cultivars/Varieties of GM Potato

1. Objectives

1. To develop pests resistant varieties.

2. Altering some chemicals (useful to crops).

3. To produce large amount of starch (industrial use).

2. Cultivars/Varieties of GM Potato

2.1 Innate GM Potato

1. It was approved by USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) ans USFDA.

2. Came in market in 2014-2015.

3. It was developed by John Richard Simplot Company.

4. It was developed against: blackspot, bruising and browning.

5. GE Technology: RNA interference.

6. It is used for food purpose.

7. Currently it is being marketed.

2.2 NewLeaf

1. It was the first genetically modified Potato by Monsanto.

2. It was developed against Colorado potato beetle.

3. The used technology was inducing B. thuringiensis.

4. Currently, it is not being produced.

2.3 Amflora

1. EH92-527-1 was developed by Baden Aniline and Soda Factory.

2. Objective was to produce waxy starch.

3. Currently, it is not being produced.

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