MCQ On Spices Crops

Read MCQs on spices crops. Area, production and rank of India in spices crops. Cultivation practice. Insect-pests and their management. Post harvest technology of spices crops.

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MCQ on spices crops

Question 01. Which is the largest producer of turmeric?

(a). Sri Lanka
(b). India
(c). Nepal
(d). Pakistan

Question 02. Which of the following part of cumin contains oil canals?

(a). Ridges of seeds
(b). Embryo
(c). Stalk of seed
(d). Whole seed

Question 03. Where is the indian institute of spices research located?

(a). Gangtok
(b). Nellai
(c). Tirunelveli
(d). Khozhikode

Question 04. Nithyasree and Navasree are the variety of

(a). Fennel
(b). Cinnamon
(c). Cumin
(d). Black pepper

Question 05. Which is not a tree spice?

(a). Clove
(b). Allspice
(c). Cinnamon
(d). Black pepper

Spice crop quiz

Question 06. Cardamom is considered as a

(a). Minor spice
(b). Seed spice
(c). Other spice
(d). Tree spice

Question 07. Which of the following has no named variety?

(a). Paprika
(b). Vanila
(c). Nutmeg
(d). None of the above

Question 08. The flowering starts in vanilla?

(a). In the first year of planting
(b). In the second year of planting
(c). In the third year of planting
(d). In the fourth year of planting

Question 09. What are the grade specification of coriander?

(a). Pungent, golden colour, and without shrivels
(b). Pungent and well dried
(c). Pungent and matured
(d). All of the above

Question 10. What is the family of fennel?

(a). Apiaceae
(b). Fabaceae
(c). Poaceae
(d). None of the above

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Horticulture MCQ

Question 11. The main commercial preparations of natural vanilla are:

(a). Whole pod and powder
(b). Powder and extract
(c). Extract and vanilla sugar
(d). All of the above

Question 12. What is the scientific name of clove?

(a). Syzigium aromaticum
(b). Myristica fragrans
(c). Cinnamomum zeylanicum
(d). None of the above

Question 13. What is the spacing for turmeric?

(a). 60 × 15 cm
(b). 45 × 15 cm
(c). 30 × 15 cm
(d). None of the above

Question 14. What is the ideal temperature for coriander cultivation?

(a). 20-25°C
(b). 25-30°C
(c). 30-35°C
(d). 32-36°C

Question 15. What is the harvesting index of nutmeg?

(a). Splitting fruits
(b). Pale yellow fruits
(c). Green and mature fruits
(d). None of the above

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