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Floriculture Multiple Choice Questions

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MCQ Paragraph 01

Floriculture MCQ

Answer After Each 5th MCQ

Question 01. In window gardening..?

(a). Only ornamentals are grown.
(b). Edible plants are grown.
(c). Only herbs are grown.
(d). All of the above.

Question 02. Height of a large window box should be..?

(a). 8 – 10 inch.
(b). 10 – 12 inch.
(c). 12 – 15 inch.
(d). 15 – 20 inch.

Question 03. Minimum width of a window box should be..?

(a). 10 inch.
(b). 6 inch.
(c). 8 inch.
(d). 5 inch.

Question 04. Floating garden is seen in..?

(a). Dal lake.
(b). Chilka lake.
(c). Lake of Kashmir valley.
(d). Mansarovar.

Question 05. Hanging basket is a part of..?

(a). Botanical garden.
(b). Kitchen garden.
(c). Indoor garden.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 06. Hill gardens are established at..?

(a). At the top of the hill.
(b). The base of the hill.
(c). Middle of the hill.
(d). Confined place.

Question 07. Bog garden employs..?

(a). Permanently moist soil.
(b). Temporarily moist soil.
(c). Half moist soil.
(d). Dry soil.

Question 08. Benefit(s) of roof garden is/are..?

(a). Temperature control.
(b). Hydrological benefits.
(c). Architectural enhancement.
(d). All of the above.

Question 09. Which is an essential feature of water garden?

(a). Fountain.
(b). Statue.
(c). Canal.
(d). Pool.

Question 10. The giant water lily is national flower of..?

(a). USA.
(b). Sri Lanka.
(c). Japan.
(d). Guyana.

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Question 11. The giant water lily is featured in..?

(a). Lake garden.
(b). Water garden.
(c). Swamp garden.
(d). All of the above.

Question 12. Which is not a principle of landscape gardening?

(a). Illusion.
(b). Suspense.
(c). Colour scheme.
(d). Restfulness.

Question 13. An important feature of English garden is..?

(a). Lawn.
(b). Tea garden.
(c). Pool.
(d). Non of the above.

Question 14. A wide road with ornamental trees is known as..?

(a). Road.
(b). Avenue.
(c). Path.
(d). Trails.

Question 15. Parijat is a variety of..?

(a). Gerbera.
(b). Tuberose.
(c). Lily.
(d). Callalilly.

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Question 16. Commercial variety of callalily is..?

(a). Fandango.
(b). Dominique.
(c). Mantail flame.
(d). All of the above.

Question 17. Early blooming chrysanthemum variety is..?

(a). Co-1.
(b). MDU- 3.
(c). Arka swarna.
(d). All of the above.

Question 18. The F-1 hybrid of petunia is..?

(a). Single multiflora.
(b). The double grandiflora.
(c). Double multiflora.
(d). Both a and b.

Question 19. Bhikkus vivek is a….?

(a). A Giant decorative variety of lily.
(b). Giant decorative variety of dahlia.
(c). A Giant decorative variety of carnation.
(d). Giant decorative variety of Tulip.

Question 20. Scented variety of rose is..?

(a). Blue moon.
(b). Double delight.
(c). Honey perfume.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 21. Bougainvillea is propagated by..?

(a). Seed.
(b). Soft wood cutting.
(c). Hardwood cutting.
(d). Leaf cutting.

Question 22. Dahlia is commercially propagated by..?

(a). Seed.
(b). Corms.
(c). Cormel.

(d). Herbaceous stem cutting.

Question 23. Which is propagated bu rhizome?

(a). Canna.
(b). Iris.
(c). Hedychium.
(d). All of the above.

Question 24. Which is not a method of propagation in chrysanthemum?

(a). Suckers.
(b). Terminal stem cutting.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Bulb.

Paragraph 02 Floriculture Objective MCQ

Question 25. China aster is propagated by..?

(a). Bulb.
(b). Sucker.
(c). Stem cutting.
(d). Corms.

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Question 26. Topiary is mainly a work of..?

(a). Training ornamental plants.
(b). Giving ornamentals a proper shape.
(c). Both a and b..
(d). Pruning.

Question 27. The word Roji is related with?

(a). Rock garden.
(b). Japanese Tea Garden.
(c). Bog garden.
(d). Sunken garden.

Question 28. Pleasure garden is designed for..?

(a). Drinking tea.
(b). Strolling.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Meditation.

Question 29. Which is simplest form of topiary?

(a). Tree shape.
(b). Animal shape.
(c). A hedge.
(d). Globe shape topiary.

Question 30. Which is easiest way of making topiary?

(a). Continue training
(b). Shaped wire cages.
(c). Steady hands.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 31. Commercial method of propagation in China Rose is..?

(a). Patch budding.
(b). Soft wood cutting.
(c). Air-layring.
(d). Seed.

Question 32. Golden shower is propagated by..?

(a). Seed.
(b). Ground layering.
(c). Cutting.
(d). Rhizome.

Question 33. The optimum size (diameter) of gladiolus bulb for sowing is..?

(a). 2 – 3 cm.
(b). 3 – 4 cm.
(c). 4 – 5 cm.
(d). 5 – 6 cm.

Question 34. Which is used commonly for cut flowers?

(a). Silver nitrate.
(b). 8-HQC.
(c). Nitric acid.
(d). Citric acid.

Question 35. Vase life of cut flowers can be prolonged up to..?

(a). 30%.
(b). 50%.
(c). 60%.
(d). 40%.

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Question 36. Which is associated with the development of dry flower industry?

(a). APEDA.
(b). CREDA.
(c). IARI.
(d). ICAR.

Question 37. Goose neck in narcissus is..?

(a). Physiological disorder.
(b). Symptom of insect attack.
(c). Harvesting nstage
(d). Non of the above.

Question 38. Vase life of cut tuberose can be increased by..?

(a). 2% silver nitrate.
(b). 16% sucrose.
(c). 2% sucrose and 200 ppm AlSO4.
(d). Non of the above.

Question 39. Tulip is cultivated in..?

(a). HP and Kashmir.
(b). Uttarakhand and HP.
(c). Kashmir and Uttrakhand.
(d). JK, Ladakh and HP.

Question 40. Ideal planting time for tulip is..?

(a). The Last week of December.
(b). Last week of October and first week of November.
(c). Early December.
(d). Non of the above.

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Question 41. Tuberose is cultivated for..?

(a). Cut flower.
(b). Essential oil.
(c). Loose flowers.
(d). All of the above.

Question 42. Spacing for gladiolus should be..?

(a). 15 x 15.
(b). 20 x 15.
(c). 25 x 20.
(d). 30 x 20.

Question 43. Shoot tip culture has been practiced in..?

(a). Dahlia.
(b). Orchid.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Marigold.

Question 44. In India micro-propagation works are going on..?

(a). Rose, anthurium.
(b). Chrysanthemum, orchid.
(c). Carnation, ornamental foliages.
(d). All of the above.

Question 45. Morel developed..?

(a). The shoot tip culture in dahlia.
(b). Shoot tip culture in rose.
(c). The shoot tip culture in orchid.
(d). Shoot tip culture in carnation.

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Question 46. Eupatorium cannabium is a..?

(a). Hedge.
(b). Border.
(c). Edge.
(d). Topiary.

Question 47. Which is pot marigold?

(a). Calendula.
(b). Aster.
(c). Portulaca.
(d). Candytuft.

Question 48. Which is grown only for foliage?

(a). Pansy.
(b). Portulaca.
(c). Daisy.
(d). Kochia.

Question 49. Which is known as globe amaranth..?

(a). Kochia.
(b). Balsam.
(c). Agratum
(d). Hollyhock.

Question 50. Which is known as c*ck’s comb?

(a). It is C. argentea.
(b). Known as C. childsi.
(c). C. plumosa.
(d). None of the above.

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