We give top most value to the privacy of our students. Their personal information is kept confidential.

What information we require?

Mail ID.
Mobile Number.
Sometime ID proof.

What do we do with information?

We use these above information only for:

Scanning spammers to check unusual activity.

Verifying our customers during online purchase with us.

Customer support.

Do we share personal info.?

No, never. Students security is our priority.


A visitor should never post an unwanted comment. During online purchase with us he/she should provide a legit and working mail address.

If visitors see any ad inside this website and click on it then they have to accept their terms and conditions, and privacy policy after reading it. They should not violate their terms and conditions.


We will be unable to return the amount paid by you. This applies on digital-contents/media purchased by you e.g. PDF FILES.

*NOTE: If you pay any amount for two or more times for a single product, then the paid amount wouldn’t be refunded to buyer.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be changed in future