Question 01. Consider about late blight in potato..?1. It appears every year in hilly regions.
2. Its intensity is relatively low in plains.
3. Tubers also infected by spores splashing from blighted foliage.
4. Hot moist weather favours the disease.
Question 02. The source of inoculums of black scurf in pitaron is..?
Question 03. Which is truly matched (tomato)..?
Question 04. Phomopsis blight of brinjal is..?
Question 05. The source of resistance against aphids in brinjal is..?
Question 06. Sweet banana is a variety of..?
Question 07. Which is truly matched?
Question 08. Olericulture encompasses....?
Question 09. Baby corn has..?
Question 10. Which is a group of open pollinated variety of okra?

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