General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions

This page includes unsolved questions from general agriculture.

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Why these questions?

  • These resemble objective MCQ from the different agricultural competition exams.
  • Unsolved questions helps better in the preparation of competitive exams.


All important agricultural competition exams:

  • ICAR.
  • JRF.
  • SRF.
  • NET.
  • CET.
  • BHU.
  • IBPS.

Non-agricultural competition exams

  • UPSC.
  • State PSC.
  • Banks.
  • Other government departments.

General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions 02 (Unsolved)


  • Agriculture.
  • Soil Science.

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Question 01. Fruitone is trade name of..

a. IAA
b. NAA
c. ABA

Question 02. Cell turgidity is maintained by..

a. Auxin
b. Cytokinin
c. ABA

Question 03. Sand culture technique was given by..

a. Winogdrasky
b. Bossingoult
c. Helmont
d. Jethro Tull

Question 04. Unit of RGR is..

a. g/m2 /day
b. g/g/day
c. g/m2/year
d. None

Question 05. Barrel concept was proposed by..

a. Leibig(1840)
b. Liebig(1862)
c. Blackman(1905)
d. Macy(1936)

Question 06. Which indicate the potential status of soil to produce crops?

a. Soil productivity
b. Soil fertility
c. Both a & b
d. none

Question 07. White grub damage is less in crops grown in..

a. Sandy soil
b. loamy soil
c. Clay
d. Sandy clay

Question 08. Which are heavy textured soils crops?

a. Rice
b. Sorghum
c. Coriander
d. All

Question 09. Tillage result in..

a. Improve porosity
b. Decrease thermal conductivity
c. Increase surface temperature
d. all

Question 10. Manured soil air contain CO2

a. 0.03%
b. 0.25%
c. 0.66%
d. 1.85%

Question 11. Soil strength mainly depends on..

a. Soil temperature
b. Soil moisture
c. Soil texture
d. Soil organic matter

Question 12. Optimum pH range for availability of P..

a. 6-8
b. 6.5-7.5
c. 6-6.5
d. 8.5

Question 13. EC=5 ESP=12 pH=6.5 the soil is..

a. Alkali soil
b. Acid soil
c. Saline-alkali soil
d. none

Question 14. 1:1 type clay mineral(s) is/are..

a. Kaolinite
b. Halloysite
c. Dickite
d. All

Question 15. Immediate product of urea after hydrolysis..

a. Ammonium carbonate
b. Ammonium carbamate
c. Ammonium
d. CO2

Question 16. Most important factor in deciding type of microorganisms present in soil is..

a. Soil temperature
b. Soil moisture
c. Soil texture
d. Soil structure

Question 17. Which is abundant in temperature soil..

a. Cyanophyta
b. Chlorophyta
c. Xanthophyta
d. None

Question 18. Sugar content in plant composition..

a. 20-30%
b. 10-30%
c. 1-8%
d. 1-5%

Question 19. Availability of nutrient element is higher in submerged soil..

a. Fe
b. Zn
c. Both a & b
d. Cu

Question 20. Summer deep ploughing improve by alternate drying & cooling..

a. Soil structure
b. Soil texture
c. Soil organic matter
d. Soil aeration

Question 21. Characteristics feature of Zero tilled soil..

a. Homogeneous
b. High organic matter content
c. Abundance of earthworms
d. All

Question 22. Bulk density of problem soils is to be considered as..

a. <1.33
b. <0.5
c. <1
d. <1.2

Question 23. Optimum depth of sowing of most of the field crop..

a. 2-3 cm
b. 3-5 cm
c. 4-5 cm
d. 4-6 cm

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Question 24. Most common method of sowing crops..

a. Drilling
b. Transplanting
c. Dry sowing
d. Wet sowing

Question 25. Maximum yield per unit area obtained by..

a. Wider spacing
b. Closer spacing
c. Both a & b
d. None

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